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About Beleza Natural ( Natural Beauty)


You’re entering a world of beauty and happiness.

Every month, thousands of customers come to the Beleza Natural in search of self-esteem and freedom.

In our Institutes, our clients (mostly women) are assisted by our collaborators in roomy spaces, female oriented, cozy, well decorated and that reflects what we are. Our team trademarks are smiley faces and the feel of good vibes everywhere you look at.

In 20 years, we have become specialists in solutions for curly, curled and wavy hair  offering services and products of high quality and affordable prices.

Moreover, we are proud to have helped provide thousands and thousands of people a personal revolution experience by showing them that we each can be beautiful just the way we are .

We have revolutionized the concept of beauty salons in Brazil by bringing it to a level previously unthinkable of professionalism, business management, innovation processes and products.

We have developed dozens of services and products for curly and curled hair, types of hair present in almost 70% of the Brazilian population, that until a few years ago was a totally neglected market.

By means of our own factory, the Cor Brasil (Color Brazil), and an intensive program of innovation, we produce monthly tons of creams, shampoos, bases for treatments and other solutions that make the head of our customers and boost self confidence on the way they are.

We are located  in the states of Rio de Janeiro (ten stores), Espírito Santo (two stores), Bahia (two stores), São Paulo (three stores), Minas Gerais (one store) and we plan a daring expansion to all regions in the Country bringing self-esteem to millions of people.

All that because Beleza Natural believes that beauty is to be happy naturally.


Beleza Natural was born of the entrepreneurship of its four members, among them is Heloisa Assis, known as Zica, who has spent 10 years with her husband Jair researching a formula to treat curly hair. Rogério Assis and Leila Velez, ex-employees of McDonald’s and co-founder partners, have brought an innovative process for our services similar to an assembly line, moreover keeping concern with an outstanding service and rigid standards of quality.


In the 70′S Heloisa Assis was not satisfied with her hair.  “I did not wanted to straighten them, but there were no products on the market that would keep my curls less wild.” Zica did a course of hairdresser and began mixing products until she reached the famous formula of the Super-Relaxing treatment, opening up space for a market not much explored in the early 90′s.


In 1993, together with her partners, she opened the first store. It was a huge success. It didn’t take long before the queues started to form and the team began to work until dawn to attempt to meet the enormous demand. The expansion was inevitable.

Mission to offer

It is our mission to offer products and services for embellishment and health of hair, body and mind.

Keep growing with solitude and shared vision expanding to new markets, and delight our clients with the quality of our customer care.

Provide professional and personal development for our employees. We actively contribute to the society by promoting in our actions awareness of environmental responsibility.


Our vision is to make people happier by promoting beauty and self-esteem.


High Values – Respect and honesty in dealing with internal and external customers while keeping transparency on our relationship, and let people enchanted by our services.

Innovation – constant search for innovation and for effective and  proven solution keeping a high quality standard.

Competence – Commitment to results and veracity of our purposes. And promoting happiness through increasing our clients self-esteem.

Environment – ours stores are clean, pleasant and of high quality.

Team – appreciation and professional development of our employees, working with synergy as a team.


It is a great proud to us to have society recognition.


Beleza Natural founders, Heloisa Assis, better known as Zica, Leila Velez, Rogério Assis and Jair Conde, won in 2006 the award  Prêmio Empreendedores do Novo Brasil from the brazilian magazine Voce S.A. , they also won the Prêmio Empreendedores do Ano from Ernst & Young.


In 2007, Zica was elected the  Most Influential Woman in Brazil in the category entrepreneurship by two very important Brazilian newspapers, Jornal do Brazil and Gazeta Mercantil.  In the same year, she received from the Association of Directors in Marketing Sales of Brazil (locally known as the abbreviation ADVB) the title of  Entrepreneur of the year .


In 2011 was the time of Leila Velez to win the title of High Impact Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year , an international award from Veuve Clicquot in a ceremony held in San Francisco, USA.

Technical Development Center

Since it was founded, Beleza Natural trains its professionals with exclusives techniques and believes in sharing knowledge as a way to change people lives and promote professional development.


This values comes since Beleza Natural foundation in 1993, when Heloisa Assis (Zica) herself was the one responsible for training Beleza Natural team of collaborators, and continues until today every new employee goes through some type of behavioral, technical or management training.


Beleza Natural invests in education and human development by very often being the first opportunity for employment to people who have only finished Middle School.


Our Technical Development Center was inaugurated in 1999, our purpose is to identify and create necessary means for employee development. We count on a 500 m2 area for technical and behavioral  training linked to our business administration.


Beleza Natural takes people development  as a continuous process. Through this concept, our employees and partners learn  to share of our mission, vision and values, in addition to become more prepared for the future.


In 2005 our company became part of the Endeavor, institute that supports entrepreneurship in the world. Since then Beleza Natural had a huge growth, going from 350 to more than 1,500 employees and an average growth of 30% per year in revenues.


The Endeavor is an international non-profit organization now present in 11 countries that promotes and disseminates high impact entrepreneurship.


The criteria to be supported by Endeavor are: potential for growth, entrepreneurship, innovation, degree of development and ethics.


After being selected, entrepreneurs gain access to guidance programs in management and strategy in order to increase business growth.


To learn more details about the Endeavor visit, visit www.endeavor.org .


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